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Indianapolis Home Inspection
Full Home Inspection

Indianapolis Home Inspections are performed to the ASHI and Indiana State Standards of Practice.  This includes 15 elements from roofing to foundation.  A written report must be provided.

Indianapolis Home Inspection Wood Destroying Insects
Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Wood Destroying Insects such as Subterranean Termites do millions of dollars of damage to homes each year.  This ancillary service can be added to a home inspection.  Inspectors are licensed and can complete the Clear Pest Report (NPMA-33) required by some government backed loans.

Indianapolis Home Inspection Radon
Radon Measurement

Radon measurement is an ancillary service that can be added to an Indianapolis Home Inspection. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can be captured inside a home.  If levels are elevated it can cause lung cancer.

Indianapolis Home Inspection Water
Well Water & Air Quality

Water flow and pressure are part of an Indianapolis Home Inspection.  Well water quality is not.  A 5-part test can determine if the water is safe to drink.  Air Quality is the best way to test a home for mold.

Indianapolis Home Inspection Sewer
Septic Tank or Sewer Line Inspections

Homes on municipal sewers have drain pipes that run from the house and connect to the city owned sanitary sewer. This ancillary service scopes the line with a camera. Some (often rural) homes have private sanitary sewage systems (septic tanks). These belong to the homeowner and may need repair or replacement costing thousands.

Indianapolis Home Inspection Pool Service
Swimming Pools and Spa

Swimming pools can be in excellent condition or require thousands in repairs.  This ancillary service inspects the pool and offers repair estimates.